Church funerals provide an opportunity for family and friends to mourn the death of a loved one and to remember and celebrate their life. For those gathering in a building which has celebrated life and marked loss for centuries, there is much comfort in hearing prayers, readings, music together and sharing memories.

The vicar and his ministry team are here to help you through what is a difficult, and sometimes bewildering, process.

We encourage you to approach us directly or through your funeral director. One of us will visit you at home and together we will discover what kind of service would be fitting. We will take time over the eulogy and choice of readings and songs. We are keen to help you to craft a service that properly reflects the life of your loved one and provides warmth and comfort to those left behind.

Burials usually follow on from a service in church and are available in all of our four churches for those with a local connection.

For cremations, the service would take place at either The South Oxfordshire Crematorium at Garford, or Kingsdown Crematorium, near Swindon. We are then happy to discuss the interment of ashes in one of our four churchyards.

In certain circumstances, a memorial service may be appropriate.

Please contact us with any enquiries or questions.