Running St Faith’s requires a minimum of £1,600 a month. This is to cover such expenses as insurance, electricity, general maintenance and ministerial costs.

Our income is derived from weekly collections at services, planned giving through standing orders, the Gift Aid associated with collections and donations, rental income and fundraising events. Any help, whether by financial or by giving your time, will help us to flourish as a church community into the future.  A recent generous donation enabled us to install a new sound system which is vital for both regular worship and the school’s events.

How to Give

Currently we have no on-line donation facility but if you would like to give to any of our churches please contact us via our contacts page.  

Fundraising Events

Fundraising events can be found in the benefice schedule below.

Forthcoming Projects

We have plans to make St Faith’s an even more welcoming and practical church. 

Our first aim is to install a loo and, in due course, perhaps a servery.  The first basic step is to get a water supply to the church.  We are currently researching, with the Diocese’s help, the solution best suited to St. Faith’s.  A small bequest has started the process but we will need a significant amount more and hope to begin fundraising soon.  Donations and/or help with fundraising are always welcome.

Recent Projects

Wall Repairs

The mortar on the south wall of St Faith’s was recently found to be in poor repair.  Local skilled craftsmen entirely repointed it using a lime-based mortar, sympathetic to the church’s age and building materials.  This will ensure that the building remains weatherproof and is typical of the maintenance we regularly need to fund to keep our church in good repair.